About The Farrow System®

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The Farrow System® is a revolutionary, environmentally safe, and cost effective surface restoring method that quickly removes protective coatings, oxidation, and graffiti from most surfaces without damaging them. Now, surfaces can be easily restored that were once impossible to clean by other methods!

Developed to efficiently remove coatings from fiberglass boat hulls without damaging delicate gelcoats, The Farrow System® is equally effective for restoring projects ranging from removing durable industrial coatings to cleaning fragile historic surfaces during restorations.

The Farrow Method

The Farrow System® Method uses heat and low pressures to align the PytheasGroup “ΕCO Clean® for Farrow mineral particles in a precisely engineered turbo nozzle. They shoot to the surface at low velocity much like a storm of darts. Upon contact, they burst into thousands of sharp “missiles” which actually force their way BETWEEN the surface and the coating. Each particle does more than four times the work of other medias; cleaning faster, better, and more efficiently than ever before.

ABRASIVE DRY BLAST systems work by hammering hard particles against the coating and substrate until the coating (and the abrasive as well) is pulverized and dispersed into the air. This high pressure destruction actually damages a portion of the substrate in order to remove the coating! This high pressure method wastes energy, takes more time, distresses the substrate, can injure workers, and creates clouds of dust and contaminants.

Natural Cleaning

 Water can be supplied from a city line or from our mobile models’ on-board tanks. The water suspends the medium in the cleaning stream and reduces the dispersal of airborne particles. Water consumption during cleaning is very low – typically less than 2 quarts per minute.
Heat is extracted from the compressed air by a heat exchanger and introduced into the system. This heat adds energy, creates free flow, and helps align the PytheasGroup “ECO Clean® for Farrow media particles to increase their effectiveness during cleaning.
PytheasGroup “ECO Clean® for Farrow is a natural mineral cleaning media unique to The Farrow System®. It will clean surfaces impossible to clean with conventional systems, and also delivers outstanding efficiency, control, and environmental safety.
Low pressure air safely delivers the cleaning stream to the surface. This air can be supplied by an on-site air compressor or by the on-board compressor in our fully self-contained models. Air pressures as low as 28psi effectively remove many coatings.


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The Farrow System® is SAFE !

Workplace Health and Safety Officers love this system! The risk associated with sand blasters or high pressure water jets are gone.

  • The Farrow System® can be operated safely in closed environments and in close proximity to other personnel.
  • And because The Farrow System® has ultra-low dispersal characteristics, it can be used in enclosed spaces without affecting nearby equipment or workers.
  • Almost all airborne particulates are eliminated, along with the extensive cleanup required by other cleaning methods.
  • Natural Eco-Clean® Blasting Media for Farrow presents no environmental hazards to guard against, and the low cleaning pressures make The Farrow System® doubly safe!
  • The Farrow System® has the best environmental and work place health and safety credentials available, utilizing a 100% clean and safe media along with low blast pressures.


[tab title=”How Efficient is The Farrow System®?”]
After a short set up time, procedures are fast, surface cleaning speeds are rapid therefore cost effective. Traditional water blasters use approximately 20 liters of our precious commodity every minute. This water, along with contaminants from the surface being cleaned, is then dispersed in large volumes into our environment.
The Farrow System® uses as little as 0.5 liters of water per minute, dramatically reducing the clean up liability. Dry sand blasting causes severe dust problems which in turn create significant health issues. Such systems should only be used in suitable blast enclosures. With the Farrow System, operatives have a good all round view of the surface during the cleaning process, thus enabling the achievement of an even textured finish. The media usage from traditional sand blasting techniques can be as high as 500kg per hour.
With the remarkable Farrow System® your media usage is reduced to as little as 30kg per hour, which, when mixed and absorbed with the small quantity of water, greatly reduces any environmental risk and simplifies clean up. This saves you time and money.