The Farrow System® 60

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Versatile Capabilities

  • Advanced Control Box Provides the means to dynamically adjust the mixture and pressure of the blasting stream to fit a variety of applications.

Environmentally Oriented Design

  •  Utilizes a natural volcanic crystal media in a wet-process to make a minimal-dust slurry blasting system that can operate in sensitive areas and even around combustibles where other conventional sandblasters can’t.
  • The Patented Farrow Method uses heat to dramatically reduce media consumption meaning far better efficiency and far less cleanup than traditional sandblasting equipment.
  • Low operating pressure (2-4 bar) protects the underlying surface from damage and enables a layer-by-layer technique for removal.
  • Autonomοus unit fits a standard pickup bed and is also available mounted on a fully hot dip galvanized, highway rated trailer.

Versatile Applications

  • Removes graffiti from concrete, brick, stone, marble and other delicate surfaces.
  • Historic building restoration including stone and wood surfaces.
  • Removes anti-fouling, paint and primers from wooden, concrete, steel, aluminum and fiberglass hulls.
  • Municipal cleaning applications for sidewalks, monuments and buildings.
  • Airline coating removal, paint removal and maintenance.
  • Automotive finish removal, rust removal and surface preparation.
  • Industrial surface paint preperation and cleanup.

Safety First

  • Forklift pockets are built into the unit for safe handling.
  • Prominent emergency stop button for quick shut-down.
  • Pneumatic “Dead Man” valve on hose nozzle, 1/2″ pop-off safety valve.
  • Controls are well marked and easy to use.
  • The Farrow System® process virtually eliminates airborne particulates.
  • Natural volcanic crystal media contains almost zero free silica.


Dimensions 66.5″ L x 41.5″ W x 37.3″ H
Weight 1170 lbs. dry, 1716 lbs. wet
Pot Diameter 13.8 in.
Pot Water Capacity 16.2 gal.
Pot Media Capacity 110 lbs (2 bags of media)
Pot Working Pressure 100 psi
Hose Length 65 ft.
Available Accessories Hose extension
Warranty Complete machine for 1 year from original purchase date*


Type Honda 4-cycle air cooled, electric & recoil start
Model GX620 V-Twin
Power 20 HP
Oil system 4 qt. capacity, spin on filter, pressure forced lubrication
Battery 12 volts, maintenance free
Idle control Fully automatic low idle system
Fuel tank capacity Unleaded 3 gal. rust-proof tank


Model VRK 160
Type Belt driven rotary screw, single stage
Rated delivery 60 CFM
Operating pressure 100 psi
Lubrication system Pressure forced, spin-on cartridge filter, thermostatically controlled oil to air cooler.
Pressure relief 1/2″ pop-off safety valve
*Please see complete warranty for details.
**Specifications subject to change without notice.


Technical Support Information and Downloads

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