The Farrow System Applications

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Patented worldwide, The Farrow System® is a low pressure system that works by adding heat to the cleaning process. This adds energy, creates free flow, adds control, and increases cleaning speeds.
The system uses an environmentally safe blasting media, researched and designed for Farrow equipment exclusively, optimizing its properties of environmental safety, cleaning without damage, and incredible efficiency.

When it comes to cleaning, The Farrow System® is able to remove graffiti from any surface, remove rust and other oxidants from boats, cars, mining equipment, machinery, jetty pylons in marine parks, marine anti-foul and other substances such as old varnish from timbers, black tar, grime, mould, scale, soot and salts from any industrial or commercial applications.
The Farrow System® has almost limitless uses in consumer, industrial, and government applications.

With The Farrow System®, you can:

  • Remove graffiti from all surfaces.
  • Remove coatings for structural inspection.
  • Remove gum from sidewalks.
  • Remove road lines.
  • Clean and restore furniture.
  • Clean interlocking pavers.
  • Clean playground equipment.
  • Restore historic buildings.
  • Restore monuments and plaques

 Restore almost ANY surface!

The Farrow System® can be safely used on:

  • Aluminum
  • Asphalt
  • Brass
  • Brick
  • Ceramics
  • Composites
  • Concrete
  • Decorative pavers
  • Fiberglass
  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Masonry
  • Plastics
  • Rubber
  • Steel
  • Stone
  • Terracotta
  • Tiles
  • Wood
  • and even can remove ink from PAPER!

The Farrow System equipment is available in many configurations including the compact self-contained skid mounted units, high capacity skid mounted equipment, compact trailer mounted self contained units, and super-compact, ultra-durable high capacity machines for the most demanding industrial applications, as well as custom built applications for any need. Equipment is available for every application!

Do you have a difficult cleaning problem?
Do the impossible with The Farrow System®!


[tab title=”Marine”]

Anti Fouling Removal and other Marine Applications

The Farrow System® is used by:

  • Private & municipal marinas
  • Boat owners and surveyors.
  • Commercial shipping fleet boat owners
  • The Armed Forces Shipwrights
  • Ship Repair yards

Marina Owners and Repair Yards

Improve your service…and your profits. The Farrow System® was developed with cost effective hull cleaning specifically in mind. It can clean hulls—fiberglass, wood, metal, or concrete—in a single day that would take as much as a week using conventional methods! Equally important, The Farrow System® eliminates the need for tenting because its low dispersal cleaning stream is highly controlled. Old paint and anti-fouling simply drop to the ground under the boat, instead of generating clouds of contaminants as happens with sand and soda blasting. And because so little Eco-Clean® media is used by comparison, costs are low, and cleanup is simple and easy!

Boat/Yacht/Ship Owners

On fiberglass, cement, wood & steel boats, The Farrow System® removes bottom coatings quickly and completely, yet leaves the gel coat intact, water tight, and ready to recoat. It is both safer and faster than doing it by hand and leaves an ideal surface for recoating. When you use The Farrow System®, you can strip, prime, and paint, all in the same day! Find your local Farrow Service Center now and relax knowing your vessel is in good hands.

Commercial Ship Owners

The Farrow System® has more than enough power for tough professional maritime maintenance jobs. Our equipment is configured to be hoisted aboard or operated from the dock for normal on-going on-board maintenance to the largest refitting projects. By using extension hoses, work as far as 75 meters from the machine is easy to reach, and confined spaces present no problems for The Farrow System®.

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[tab title=”Rust Removal”]

Rust Removal made easy and safely!

The Farrow System® is ideally suited for any type of surface especially regarding rust removal. With fully adjustable pressure and flow of the media and water, it is easy to remove rust without damaging the underlying surfaces.

Removal of rust is extremely important in many industries, The Farrow System is ready for your needs.

  • Preparation of the underlying surface for paint or additional resurfacing
  • Inspecting rust covered surface (refinery gas lines) for underlying damage
  • Inspecting steel hulls for cracks and wear
  • Or simply removing rust from an automobile or other oxidized surface.

Rust removal has never been easier, safer, or gentler than with the Farrow System!
Also available is our special after blast additive, which when sprayed after blasting, prevents rust from reforming for several days after the surface has been cleaned.

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[tab title=”Graffiti Removal”]

Graffiti Removal from almost any surface!

Municipalities and individuals dealing with the challenge of graffiti have a friend with The Farrow System. The Farrow System® easily removes spray paint and brushed—on paint from most surfaces, including marble, stone, brick, wood, ceramic tile, plastics, metals, concrete, asphalt, and decorative pavers. The underlying surface is not damaged, and even irreplaceable historic surfaces are revealed in pristine condition!

The Farrow System® is especially suited for urban areas, because it is environmentally safe and uses no hazardous chemicals. Mobile units are self contained, and can use extension hoses to reach locations up to 75 meters away. Eco-Clean® is a natural product that makes cleanup and disposal fast and easy. And because the process works with water at very low pressures, there are no dust clouds or widespread cleanups to contend with.

Not only does The Farrow System® work miracles with delicate surfaces, but it tackles tough jobs as well. Use The Farrow System® to remove lines from roadways and parking lots, remove chewing gum from sidewalks, and thoroughly clean intricate paver surfaces. Use it to remove durable coatings on structural applications such as bridges and retaining walls to make inspections and maintenance more thorough and effective.

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[tab title=”Automotive”]

Automotive Uses of The Farrow System

The Farrow System® finds application in the Automotive and auto body repair and restoration industry as well. It is several times more efficient than conventional sanding or blasting methods, which means your body shop can enjoy increased profitability from traditionally problematic tasks such as, rust removal, plastic components and steel and aluminum panel preparation.

The Farrow System® shines where there are great amounts of surface area to restore! Restoring old busses, trucks, motorcycle chassis and similar vehicles becomes more efficient and profitable because the Farrow System® is specially designed to restore large surfaces. The bigger your jobs, the more profitable the Farrow System® will be for your facility! Why waste the manpower and labor hours with conventional methods?

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[tab title=”Historical”]



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[tab title=”Furniture”]

Are you a furniture restorer or a painter?

We invite you to join The Farrow System® revolution. No more breathing burn-off fumes or messy dangerous chemicals. You can make furniture stripping as well as other wooden surfaces coat removal a “breeze”!

Just imagine an old door, a French louver window, garden furniture; antique tables, chairs, or an intricate wood carving… the list goes on and on!

Regardless of the topcoat; varnish, lacquer, oil or water paint, with the proper media size and equipment adjustments the substrate surfaces will not need further preparation or sanding before recoating with your favorite finish coat.

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[tab title=”Industrial”]

Industrial Uses of The Farrow System

The Farrow System® is effective for any size job and has the machine to match your job size!

Some of the uses include:

  • Offshore corrosion control on oil rigs and ships.
  • Preparing any surface for re-coating and painting.
  • Cleaning storage tanks.
  • Removing rust and scale.
  • Removing roadway markings.
  • Building and site maintenance.
  • Contaminants abatement
  • Removing industrial coatings for inspections.
The Farrow System® excels in lowering costs for both preventive maintenance and repair.In construction and mining companies you can now restore heavy machinery without the need to strip the equipment down prior to blasting. Painted components can be either stripped back to bare metal, or given a light blast in preparation for recoating, without removing hydraulic hoses and other components. From the point of view of the company, this means less time for the equipment lying idle, improving profitability.

Complete coatings removal, corrosion control, and facilities maintenance can be acheived with ease. Complex industrial infrastructure such as piping, valves, and intricate mechanical/hydraulic machinery can be cleaned quickly and inspected frequently without disassembly or masking.

The Farrow System® will remove tough industrial coatings and corrosion without damaging hosing, couplings, and delicate surfaces. This one-step cleaning and surface preparation saves hours of labor in otherwise tedious and difficult maintenance chores.

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