The Farrow System Dealership Opportunities

Why would I want to become a Farrow dealer?

  • The Farrow System is a lucrative business model in tune with today’s modern mind set of environmentally aware cleaning solutions and business practices.
  • The practice of renting, selling and providing cleaning and resurfacing services with the Farrow equipment is an excellent business opportunity in high demand with a variety of possibilities.

What benefits do I realize as a dealership?

  • Dealership pricing on equipment and media.
  • Direct marketing of your services and referrals to your dealership for inquiries regarding equipment rental, purchases and sales opportunities.
  • Backlinks on our network of websites.

What support and service can a dealership expect from us?

  • On time delivery of equipment and media.
  • Quality media and quick shipment services to the dealerships.
  • Expert support and advice.



What is a dealership responsible for?

  • Repair and service of Farrow Units in their specified area, including warranty work.
  • Sell and stock spare parts and EcoClean blasting media.
  • Translate manuals and documents in the local language and have them available for distribution.


Requirements for becoming a Dealership.

 Please call or contact us for details regarding dealership requirement and packages.