The Farrow System® 125

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Introducing The Farrow System® 125 

Same Capabilities

The Farrow 125 is the newest Farrow package designed for the European market needs.

  • Equipped with Rotair’s MDVN 36AP 127 CFM diesel-powered compressor, it has plenty of output to handle the surface restoration of recreational yachts as well as most industrial applications.
  • The Farrow 125 unit has been designed with compactness and price saving in mind to provide an excellent balance of portability and efficiency in an economical package

More Choices

Several choices are available to customers depending on their intended application.

  • The Farrow System 125 comes with either a 250 or  450 MAX series pot.
  • The 250 MAX pot compromises capacity in order to create a more compact unit.
  • The 450 MAX pot may be ideal for those targeting contracts for large jobs exclusively.
  • Units are available with or without the protective cage available on the MAX series.  The cage is powder coated quarter-inch steel designed to withstand harsh industrial conditions while at the same time accommodating easy transportation with forklift pickup points as well as eye-holes for picking with a winch.

Same Performance

  • Removes graffiti from concrete, brick, stone, marble and other delicate surfaces.
  • Historic building restoration including stone and wood surfaces.
  • Removes anti-fouling, paint and primers from wooden, concrete, steel, aluminum and fiberglass hulls.
  • Municipal cleaning applications for sidewalks, monuments and buildings.
  • Airline coating removal, paint removal and maintenance.
  • Automotive finish removal, rust removal and surface preparation.
  • Industrial surface paint preperation and cleanup.

Safety First

  • Prominent emergency stop button for quick shut-down.
  • Pneumatic “Dead Man” valve on hose nozzle, 1/2″ pop-off safety valve.
  • Controls are well marked and easy to use.
  • The Farrow System® process virtually eliminates airborne particulates.
  • Natural volcanic crystal media contains almost zero free silica.