The Farrow System® Blasting Media

Pytheas ecoClean® Blasting Media


The Farrow System® is designed to use Pytheas ecoClean® media – the natural mineral media that is an integral component of The Farrow System®, the environmentally friendly cleaning process. Dust levels are suppressed within the vaporized elements of ecoClean®, therefore allowing this extremely low-pressure cleaning media to be used safely outdoors, within populated urban areas, and even in enclosed environments. ecoClean® is available in 50 pound bags and in four media sizes, for multiple levels of abrasion when preparing or cleaning surfaces.

Pytheas ecoClean® has passed both Federal TCLP and California STLC tests and is certified a nonhazardous waste by RCRA regulations for leachable heavy metals. With less than one tenth of one percent free silica, Pytheas ecoClean® is the ideal abrasive where safety, workplace cleanliness, or disposal is a concern. All ecoClean® grades are mined, processed, and screened with rigid adherence to the QIPSM quality assurance programs. Consistently uniform size distributions and chemistries guarantee repeatable surface profiles and cleanliness. Always test a small inconspicuous area before attempting to clean a large surface and ONLY use pure Pytheas ecoClean® with The Farrow System®. Pytheas ecoClean® is available in four media sizes that cover a complete spectrum of surface cleaning applications:

EXTRA – FINE: The smallest media diameter that is most appropriate for delicate cleaning jobs.CLEANS: furniture, soft brick, limestone, aluminum, corrosion, smoke damage and soft woods.
FINE: Suitable for a variety of restoration projects, cleaning teak decks and monuments.CLEANS: fiberglass, marine decks, granite, marble, brass, stainless steel and hard woods.
STANDARD: Accommodates the majority of projects, especially suited for the removal of graffiti.CLEANS: steel, concrete, stone walls, masonry, sidewalks and brick.
COARSE: The largest media diameter available for the toughest cleaning applications and surface preparation.CLEANS: road markings and lines, runway rubber, barnacles from steel ship hulls.