The Farrow System Products Overview

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The Farrow System® MAX Series

The Farrow System MAX® Series are made to work with your existing air compressor unit.Utilizing on-site water and compressed air, these machines deliver efficient, chemical free, environmentally safe cleaning just like our trailer mounted units. The MAX™ series machines are fully caged and can be forked, lowered, or hoisted into almost any jobsite including storage tanks. The Farrow System® MAX series are availiable in several sizes (250, 450, 650) and can be custom fit to your existing truck. Please contact us for more information.

The Farrow System® 400 provides extra capacity.

The Farrow System® 400 is skid mounted, and can reach up to 250′ by using extension hoses. Powered by a large 400 CFM air compressor, this model delivers extra volume, faster cleaning speeds, and longer run times. The Farrow System® 400 has a 12 bag capacity and is made for large area, high speed work.

The Farrow System® 185 travels to any job-site.

The Farrow 185 is a trailer mounted, fully self-contained machine with a 415 liter water supply. Powered by an ultra-reliable Atlas Copco or Rotair brand of air compressor, The Farrow System® 185 efficiently cleans large projects, can easily be towed behind a light truck, and is compact to get close to the job. This model is made for the power user who needs high mobility. The The Farrow System® 185 can be custom mounted to your existing truck bed.

The Farrow System® 125 is new for the EU!

The Farrow System® 125 is the newest Farrow package designed for the European market needs. Equipped with Rotair’s MDVN 36AP 127 CFM diesel-powered compressor, it has plenty of output to handle the surface restoration of recreational yachts as well as most industrial applications. The Farrow System 125® unit has been designed with compactness and price saving in mind to provide an excellent balance of portability and efficiency in an economical package.

The Farrow System® 60 mounts in a pickup or a trailer!

The Farrow System® 60 skid mounted unit is self-contained with an on-board water supply and a reliable 20 HP Honda gas engine air compressor. It fits in a standard pickup truck bed to easily reach your jobsites. The Farrow 60 is also available mounted on a compact, 100% galvanized, CE certified trailer. Availiable skid mounted for installation on a truck, or availiable on a trailer!

ecoClean® for The Farrow System® works like magic!

Available only from Pytheas Group. ecoClean® for The Farrow System is a natural mineral media that is chemical free, and will clean surfaces that cannot be cleaned by other methods. ecoClean® for The Farrow System is available in several grit sizes specially developed for a range of cleaning applications to create controlled surface profiles specific to your application.

Accessories and Parts

A variety of accessories to help you with your surface cleaning and preparation projects are available for The Farrow System®. Choose from extension hoses, blast nozzles, deadman handle assemblies and more. for most of The Farrow System® machines. Please contact your dealer for availability.